Using Functions in a Library

by mike on July 12, 2011

Function Library
Another way of using functions is when you create more complicated scripts is to create functions that you place in a library so that you can source them from other scripts.    These library functions can be called from a script using “source” or the “dot” command.

Here is a simple example.  This is a script that is calling two different functions from library files.  The source command is used to access the library file and then it is called by the function name.

source pwd.lib
source ps.lib

This is what the library files look like, simple with no introductory line to indicate it is for a bash shell as you want to call them from the same shell.

psu ()
command ps -Hcl -F S f -u ${1:-$USER}

pwda ()
command pwd -LP "$@"

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caseesac July 12, 2011 at 9:24 pm

I know how to write functions and source them. If I was a beginner learning this I think this would be a bit hard to understand. I think there should be some more easier examples. Thanks for making a good effort!

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